Sites - any shape and size

CRATE can develop exciting landmark schemes for your site

Site sizes vary depending on location and transport accessibility. Urban sites with limited parking near train stations would typically be 0.5–0.75 acres. Suburban sites, requiring more parking, need about 1 acre. We expect on site construction time-frame of four months and an overall time-frame of 12 months including planning. Additionally, for freeholders with well positioned but contaminated land, CRATE’s surface-mounted architecture can ensure contamination is not disrupted or subject to expensive remediation, as we don’t break into contaminated ground.

Crate industrial site image
Industrial site

CRATE can reinvent traditional manufacturing premises within often ageing industrial estates. 
This invigorates local businesses and employees, while attracting inward investment and new / unexpected tenants.

Crate regen site image
Regeneration site

CRATE schemes are landmark and give large-scale, multi-phase, regeneration overnight interest and excitement. CRATE’s curation process brings together new and existing communities.

Crate existing site image
Existing community site

CRATE provides needed workplace, early-stage retail premises and apartments in space-constrained existing communities. CRATE businesses co-exist with existing businesses, where start-ups that out-grow CRATE can ‘grow-on’ to the local high-street.


Prospective sites only need a serviced land platform of:

- Road access with sufficient clearances for construction 
- Pavement access & street lighting 
- Electricity: 3 phase, 200 AMP
- Fibre optic broadband 
- Water, mains drainage 
- Level, cleared site with a Type 1 hardcore finish 
- If contaminated, land to be encapsulated


An industrial site reborn

Cr@te Loughton was the pilot scheme which has brought 40 entrepreneurs together in a vibrant community in an ageing industrial site.

Image caption

CRATE Loughton, owned and operated by Grangewood Estates