Business and community

Our organisational DNA is shaped by our desire to remove the isolation of the ‘solo-preneur’, and replace it with a thriving and fun business community, lessening the burden or work / life challenges faced by start-ups; a physical and virtual community of complementary entrepreneurial businesses.
CRATE occupants are not just tenants, we recognise the importance of their stories and struggles. Central to the CRATE operating model is giving entrepreneurs the workspace, support infrastructure, supply networks and encouragement to succeed from the outset. CRATE’s private workplaces marry up with crucial communal and food and beverage space. This maximises revenue and utilisation.

Being around other entrepreneurs eases your mind. We celebrate together and face challenges together

CRATE actively selects a tenant mix from different areas of business.

Our cross-sector curation and ongoing active management fuses retail, amenities, workspace and living to create an inspiring village of Craters. Our approach encourages collaboration and builds knowledge, networks and the business skills to empower ambitious start-ups and innovative companies. The result is business performance to reverse very low start-up survival rates.

By reducing the entry barriers for CRATE business tenants with flexible lease terms and low-risk financial commitment, CRATE brings a fresh, convenient, commercial approach.
Early-stage businesses dominate our customer mix, but are complemented by a number of national brands and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). These businesses learn from one another and provide access and insight into their respective needs and supply chains, which are crucial to business growth. Read more about why CRATE's peer learning approach is so important to growth. CRATE’s easy-in/easy-out occupancy terms and transparent, all-inclusive monthly pricing, are a cornerstone to achieving high-demand and high-occupancy.

Using our pioneering and versatile designs, we construct a modern industrial community that quickly stiches into local heritage, shaping future opportunity. The result is a striking vibrancy from a seemingly overnight transformation. At CRATE, our units are of varying size to ensure success doesn’t have to mean an early forced-move to larger premises.